The 2nd Annual Chicago Spurs Holiday Toy Drive.

Wish List


Rattles Musical toys with lullabies Sets of the graspable
Link-able rings that the therapists use (as see at Target for $10.)
Light up toys Teddy bears or other stuffed toys
Vibrating/massaging teething toys (1 or 2)
Lullaby music CD’s
Soft cloth educational toys
Teething toys with different textures (1 or 2)
Onesies Mittens Wrist or ankle rattles for the babies
Pacifiers Blankets
Small infant mirrors for the babies’ cribs


Christmas newborn outfits
Plastic coated pictures with strong contrast shapes
Halo sack
White noise boxes in stuffed animals

School Aged

Small graspable toys that rattle, crinkle or squeak
Sets of 4 bus tickets
For families to get to the NICU to care for their baby
Coupons or food vouchers for the cafeteria
Art and crafts sets Care packages for the families
Wet ones, granola bars, juice box or small water bottle, small hand sanitizer,
candy bar, magazine or crossword puzzle and pencil)
Puzzles Baby books
Board books, picture books, books parents can read to their children
(e.g., Runaway Bunny or Goodnight Moon)
Matchbox Cars
Baby dolls
Action figures
Board games
Coloring books and crayons
Underwear both male and female


Uno cards
Nail polish
Slippers both male and female
With a grip bottom so the kids don’t slide
Pajama bottoms both male and female
Word searches
MP3 players, headphones
Gift Cards, Best Buy, Amazon, McDonalds
Video games

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